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Monthly Subscriptions

Transparent pricing for your initial patient visit & monthly follow-ups

Ravel uses a subscription-based care model. We believe strongly in continuity of care and having monthly appointments with your provider. All care is provided virtually, which allows us to offer significantly lower rates to our patients. We aim to be transparent in all of our pricing and plainly state the costs of our services. If you ever have any questions or would like to talk through anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Initial Patient Visit - $395

Your first visit with your Ravel provider is a 2-hour appointment to set-up and establish the relationship.

  • 2-hour face-to-face appointment via Zoom plus prep and wrap-up time for the provider
  • Includes, but not limited to, the review of:
    • Patient questionnaire responses
    • Uploaded labs
    • Current/past protocols

Monthly Subscriptions - $115, $215 or $305

After the Initial Patient Visit, you may choose from any of the below subscription options. You can upgrade or downgrade on a monthly basis based on your provider recommendations and where you are in your healing journey. Please note monthly subscription times cannot be broken into smaller appointments throughout the month. 

 All appointments take place via Zoom and the subscription price includes prep/wrap-up time for the provider:

  • 30 minutes - $115
  • 60 minutes - $215
  • 90 minutes - $305

All subscriptions include Patient Portal messaging for the following: 

  • Scheduling questions and updates
  • Follow-up to clarify part of a protocol post-visit
  • Quick questions that can be answered in 1 - 2 minutes

Maintenance - $65/month

  • Available to Ravel patients after the Initial Patient Visit and at least 2 other consecutive monthly visits with a provider
  • Includes one Patient Portal message per month (see below for details)
  • Continued access to discounts on labs and supplements, as well as additional programming, collaborations and partnerships
  • Maintain access to your provider and schedule an appointment at the current monthly subscription rates as needed 
  • Not required to hold a monthly appointment

15 Minutes of Patient Portal Messaging - $45 per use

This extra block of time can be added to any monthly subscription and can be used for comprehensive emails/requests that are sent through the Patient Portal.

This add-on time block can be used to:

  • Have your provider review labs and give feedback prior to a scheduled appointment
  • Discuss any flare-ups/herx reactions outside of a scheduled appointment
  • Respond to “critical/crisis” situations outside of an appointment time
    • Please note that Ravel providers are not 'on-call' and are meant to consult as a specialist on your care team. If you have an emergency, please go to an ER or call 911.
  • Make protocol adjustments that aren't part of an appointment
  • Respond to extensive follow-up questions via the Portal

Provider Change Request - $95

  • Administrative fee of $95 per request
  • Plus a required 90-minute visit at the current monthly subscription rate for the first month with a new provider
  • Must see your current provider at least twice (i.e., an Initial Patient Visit plus at least one follow-up appointment) before you can request a provider change 

Restart Fee - $95

If you cancel your monthly subscription and decide to come back to Ravel within the first year after your cancellation, a restart fee will apply. If you decide to restart after one full year, you will need to start over with an Initial Patient Visit.

  • Administrative fee of $95 per restart
  • If you choose the same provider, a 60-minute subscription at the current monthly rates is required for the first appointment back
  • If a different provider is requested, a 90-minute subscription at the current monthly rates is required for the first appointment back