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A Modern-Day Alternative to Health Insurance
Go straight to docs, practitioners and medical cost-sharing communities to build a custom, a la carte healthcare team.

How it Works
How it Works
Mix & Match
Primary Care
Diagnosis & treatment for routine needs, acute & chronic illness, care coordination, labs, Rx, etc.
From $48/month
Catastrophic Care
Emergencies, specialists, hospitalizations, surgeries, ER visits, major illness, etc.
From $99/month
Food, diet, weight loss, chronic conditions, gut health, microbiome, athletic performance, etc.
From $48/month
Coaching & Counseling
Mental health, therapy, emotional support, goal setting, genomics, CBD, etc.
From $59/month
Physical rehab, fitness, strength & conditioning, stress reduction, energy work, etc.
From $70/month
Why Direct, Subscription-Based Care Rocks
A fraction of the cost of traditional health insurance
Freedom to build your team when you want and how you want, with no enrollment periods and no in/out-of-network hassles
No 3rd-parties — i.e., insurance — between you and your physicians, practitioners and cost-sharing communities
No pre-existing condition restrictions*
Same or next day appointments, with up to an hour to see patients, is the norm
Transparent pricing and services, simplified further into one total monthly subscription fee for all the providers on your team
Near real-time communication via phone, e-mail, text and/or video chat
A preventative focus that fosters true healthcare vs. sickcare
No fine print
More Awesomeness
Individuals, couples, and families can supplement their catastrophic plan, replace their current insurance altogether, or add 1 or 2 providers on a subscription basis if they don't have any insurance.
Get access to direct-to-consumer lab testing, groundbreaking genetics testing and counseling, personalized workouts, and lots more. All at a significant discount to boot!
Chat Before
Communicate with physicians, practitioners, and healthshares before adding them to your team to ensure a good fit.
Easy Peasy
Mix Match Arrow
Mix Match Arrow
Mix Match Arrow

Search for subscription-based docs, practitioners and cost-sharing communities by city, zip or specialty.


Review provider bios & services to see who is the best fit for you.


Build a full, dedicated healthcare team or add team members a la carte for specific needs.


Pay one monthly amount and contact/visit with your team as needed.

Take a Look-See
Standard Health Insurance Plan
Health Share
2018 Average Individual Plan*
$440/month | $4,578 deductible
Health Share
2018 Average Employer-Based Individual Coverage**
$575/month | $1,573 deductible
Total: Expensive | Slightly Ridiculous
A drain on the pocketbook, with repeated out-of-pocket costs until you reach your deductible.
Nagging fear & uncertainty over being ushered out of the examination room after 9 minutes.
A massive headache trying to navigate the astoundingly confusing & frustrating insurance landscape.
Sample Ravel Team
Primary Care Physician ($80/month)
Health Share
Health Share ($180/month)
Health Share
Nutritionist ($60/month)
Health Share
Massage Therapist ($50/month)
Sample Total: $370/month | No deductible*
Happy days, with no out-of-pocket costs for visits with members of your team*.
Better health & vitality with a focus on prevention and customized, personal care.
A Zen-like calm knowing that everything is straight-forward, accessible, transparent and patient-driven.