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How It Works

Affordable, streamlined patient care

Onboarding Steps for Patients

  • Get started by creating a Ravel Patient Portal account.
  • Fill out a few brief questionnaires so we can learn more about you and your health journey to this point.
  • Once completed, you’ll be matched with up to 3 Lyme, mold and complex chronic illness providers and be sent their Ravel profiles via e-mail for free.
  • You're under no obligation to move forward after being matched, but if you find a good fit and are ready to proceed, you will be asked to fill out more detailed questionnaires — including health history, toxic exposures, social history and more — that will aid your provider in your first conversation, along with various consent forms and credit card information for monthly billing.
  • After that's completed, you'll be ready to schedule your Initial Patient Visit with your provider based on mutual availability through the Patient Portal.
  • When your first visit is done, Jaime or Kevin will reach out to you to see what subscription you'd like to move forward with (based on conversations with your provider) for subsequent follow-up visits. This process is being done manually for the time-being until we can automate it. 
  • Patients can choose from 30-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute subscriptions and may upgrade/downgrade on a monthly basis as needed and cancel at any time. If we do not hear from you after your initial subscription selection, you will default to the same subscription the following month unless you let us know otherwise. 
  • At any time, if you have questions or concerns, you can reach out to Jaime at or Kevin at

We're in our early days and we're continually getting feedback from our patients and providers, so we will continue to improve our processes and services as we go. We hope you'll come on this journey with us!