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Healthcare to feel good about.

Better care for less money, with way fewer headaches, for those in-the-know.

A Little Background

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Our Origin Story

Like many healthcare stories, it started with frustration in the current system. It’s a familiar tale, one shared by tens of thousands who have worked to get diagnosed and treated while navigating the labyrinth of health insurance — enrollment periods, in-network/out-of-network providers, hospital codes, surprise billing — and encountered headache after headache.

No need to go down that rabbit hole, but suffice it to say we thought there was a better way. And it just so happened that “way” already existed in the form of direct care. Direct care simply means that the care provided is between you and your provider, with no one in the middle, none of the extra bloat. It’s how healthcare used to be and how it will be again.

There are thousands of doctors, practitioners and care providers already offering this form of healthcare and more moving in this direction every day, but there is little out there currently that connects patients to them in a meaningful way. So we thought, why not provide a means for all of these like-minded providers to offer their services to like-minded individuals, couples and families looking to take control of their health, who are tired of the absurdity — especially the pricing — of the health insurance landscape.

And so Ravel Health was born.