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Healthcare to feel good about.

Better care for less money, with way fewer headaches, for those in-the-know.

A Little Background

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Our Origin Story

Like many healthcare stories, it started with frustration in the current system. It’s a familiar tale, one shared by tens of thousands who have worked to get diagnosed and treated while navigating the labyrinth of health insurance — enrollment periods, in-network/out-of-network providers, hospital codes, surprise billing — and encountered headache after headache.

No need to go down that rabbit hole, but suffice it to say we thought there was a better way. And it just so happened that “way” already existed in the form of direct care. Direct care simply means that the care provided is between you and your provider, with no one in the middle, none of the extra bloat. It’s how healthcare used to be and how it will be again.

There are thousands of doctors, practitioners and care providers already offering this form of healthcare and more moving in this direction every day, but there is little out there currently that connects patients to them in a meaningful way. So we thought, why not provide a means for all of these like-minded providers to offer their services to like-minded individuals, couples and families looking to take control of their health, who are tired of the absurdity — especially the pricing — of the health insurance landscape.

And so Ravel Health was born.

How It Works

Unlike traditional insurance, our focus is on simplicity, transparency, and affordability. By going direct, we remove the unknowns and the uncertainty; there are no third parties to get in the way of the relationship between you and those providing your care.

So you’re saying, “Sure, sounds great, but how does it actually work?” Glad you asked:

  1. You’re already on the Ravel platform, so you mastered the first step!
  2. Next, start mulling the type of healthcare team you’d like to build based on your particular needs and budget.
  3. Now that you have a sense of the direction you’d like to go, start searching for providers using your City or Zip — you’re not relegated to your own city/zip btw; the beauty of this is you can add providers from anywhere — and/or Specialty.
  4. You’ll hopefully find a number of direct care providers available to you (we're adding more every day). Read their bios, view the services they offer, their specialties, how much they charge monthly, etc. If you don’t find anyone who resonates off the bat, user our filters to narrow your search based on Type of Care and Specialty.
  5. If you find someone you think would be a good fit, but still have a few questions, contact them through the platform — we do ask that you create an account to use the messaging — and see what they have to say. It’s a big deal to us that it’s the right pairing, for both you and the provider.
  6. Okay, you’ve found someone you’re excited about and want to add them to your team. Well, in that case you, um, click/tap the “Add to Team” button. Told you we wanted to keep this easy :)
  7. If you haven’t created an Account yet, we’ll ask you to do that real quick so we can get the basic housekeeping items out of the way.
  8. You'll then be able to select from an Individual, Couple or Family subscription, depending on what is offered by the provider and what makes the most sense for your particular scenario.
  9. Once you add a provider to your team, they’re notified and you are good to go! When you have a question or are ready to see them, just ping them through your Ravel Dashboard or contact their office as you would normally to schedule a visit.
  10. We’ll tally the amount each provider on your team charges monthly and display that in your personalized Dashboard, which gets you access to everyone on your team, your in-platform messages, and special perks for Ravel members.
  11. Your provider will have your information in their Ravel Dashboard as well and you’ll also have a digital Ravel card that shows all of your providers in real time.
  12. And now, because you’re paying a monthly subscription fee that is typically WAY less than traditional insurance premiums and often gets you WAY more, you can actually utilize your healthcare, create relationships with your providers and live happily — and healthily — ever after.