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Feed Your Direct Care Mojo

Get new patients/clients, shun billing, slack off on marketing, revel in monthly cash
payments, and help spur a movement. We got your back.

Easy Patient/Client Acquisition

Already practice direct care? Great! Looking to trial it? Excellent! We find and onboard patients/clients for you so you can focus on the important stuff.

Hassle-Free Cash Payments

Simply create a profile on the Ravel platform, get added to a patient's/client's team, and a payment is automatically sent your way every month whether you see that person or not.

No Billing Or Collection Headaches

We handle all the billing, ensuring your patients/clients are active and paid up for the month.

No Start-Up

The only time you are charged is after a patient/client has added you to their care team on Ravel, and that's just 15% per person per month.

No Set Up, No Integrations

We built Ravel to be frictionless, meaning you can use it independently of any of your existing internal systems.

Join a Health Revolution

Providers are frustrated. Patients/clients are frustrated. The current insurance system is broken. Join us and spur a new direct care movement
across the nation.

Get Started in Just a Few Minutes
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Mix Match Arrow

Build out your profile or point us to the information and we'll do it for you.


Add the services you'll offer on a monthly basis and your fee to provide them. 


When a patient/client adds you to their team, you're notified & work directly with them to provide care, while receiving a monthly cash payment.


Getting health-conscious patients sent to me who understand the benefits of direct care is awesome, but what really excites me is the potential this has to shift the paradigm around healthcare.

- David Tusek, MD, Cloud Medical 

Branded Provider Profiles
  • Mobile-optimized for any device
  • Dedicated page with your profile picture/logo, name, credentials, specialties, address & bio
  • In-person or virtual (i.e., telehealth) offerings
  • One set price for your patients/clients — individuals, couples & families — with a list of the services you provide
  • At-a-glance call-outs to demonstrate what you offer/specialize in (e.g., telehealth, house calls, etc.)
  • Translated into culturally-relevant Spanish (Coming Soon)
  • Directed blogging, SEO, SEM, and additional marketing to get the word out to patients/clients
  • Web-based, cloud-hosted Dashboard to easily manage your profile and communications with patients/clients