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Healthcare Shouldn't Be Work

Give employees a monthly stipend to put toward ridiculously affordable, super simple, and refreshingly straight-forward healthcare, with buku flexibility to boot.

No Constraints for Employees

Employees can build their own personal team of providers based on their unique needs-on an a la carte basis-including primary care physicians, integrative practitioners & healthshares.

Spend Less, Feel Better

Direct care strips out the middleman, lowering monthly costs for you & your employees while providing greater access, an emphasis on prevention, and typically much better health outcomes.

Portability of Care

This isn't insurance, so employees can bring their healthcare teams with them if they change employers.

Unparalleled Employer Flexibility

Ravel can complement whatever you currently have in place or be a full substitute that lies completely outside of health insurance.

No Start-Up Fees, Set-Up or Integrations

We built Ravel to be frictionless, meaning it's meant to relieve your frustrations, not add to them.

Outshine Your Competition

Leverage a new, 21st-century way to attract and retain employees in a hyper competitive job market.

Staggeringly Easy
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Get excited about saving money & making your employees really happy, then just sign up as an Employer.


Decide the monthly stipend amount you'd like to add to your employee's paychecks (i.e., how much they'll have to put toward building their healthcare team).


Send your employer code to your employees so we can tie them to your business and get monthly reports with healthcare spend. Yup, that's it.


We looked at health insurance for our employees a little while back and the cost was exorbitant and the process confusing. If we could provide a monthly reimbursable amount for healthcare and allow our workers the flexibility to create their own a la carte team through Ravel ... well, we'd certainly have some happy employees, not to mention a happy business owner. 

- Tanner Hill, Rocky Hill Ranch, Erie, CO

Say What?
The cost of
employer- sponsored health care benefits is expected to approach $15,000 per
employee in 2019.
Health benefit costs are rising at two times the rate of wage increases & three times general inflation, making this unsustainable.
Only 49%
of firms with 3-9 workers
offer employer-sponsored coverage.